Activities at Cantt Public Educational Institutions at a glance


Working under the umbrella of the Military Lands and Cantonments Department, Cantonment Boards across the country, under Cantonment Act – 1924, perform duties to the best of their capacity. Provision of education facilities to cantonment residents is one of these responsibilities. However, Cantonment Boards were providing these facilities independently without a central Education System. Hence, it was felt that the Cantonment Public Education System (CPES) also needed an organized structure with latest trends to improve the Educational and Administration standards. A central Educational Policy was thus developed in 2018 and revised in 2024.



Induce character, courage and competence among our students by imparting quality education through conducive and meaningful learning environment to produce responsible citizen, productive and dynamic Pakistanis equipped with national pride and true Islamic values.

  • Online classes for all will continue till opening of Schools/Colleges
  • Admissions Open in all Cantt Public Colleges for 1st Year w.e.f 1st June 2020
  • All CPEIs shall remain closed till August 2020
  • All CPEI's will open from September 2020 as per the instructions of Govt. of Pakistan
  • Homework for all the classes can be downloaded from the website Downloads section